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Equine Identification: Why Microchip? 
          Your horse is part of your family and will likely live 20 to 30 years. Many things can happen in that time span; you may have to move, evacuate due to disaster, or your horse might just escape and become lost. Horse theft is also something to be considered, this crime happens frequently throughout the United States. If your horse becomes lost or stolen, you will have a better chance of being reunited if you can readily identify him and prove ownership. There are numerous forms of equine identification, both temporary and permanent. Microchipping of dogs and cats has been going on for years and has become a common way to reunite  pets with their owners when they become separated. Equine microchipping is no different. It is an inexpensive, pain free, permanent way to identify your equine companion. Many equine breed registries are now requiring microchipping and many private owners are microchipping horses as a theft deterrent and safety precaution.
          Equine microchips can be implanted by you, your breeder, or your veterinarian. They are implanted using a sterile syringe and needle into the Nuchal Ligament on the left side of your horse's neck just below the mane. It is quick, painless, and does not require anesthesia. The cost of the chips vary from between $15.00 and $50.00 depending on where you purchase them and who implants the chips.
Deseos Arabians & Miniatures LLC has already implanted microchips into several of our horses and are in the process of microchipping the rest. We purchase our chips through Microchip ID Systems. This company carriesAvid®, HomeAgain®, and Microchip ID® equipment. They also offer the new TravelChip™ProID chips. If your pet or horse already has a chip that has not yet been registered in your name, Microchip ID Systems can register the chip no matter what brand it is. If your horse has a chip and you don't know the number or want to check that it is working, Deseos Arabians & Miniatures LLC has a universal scanner that will read any chip. We would be happy to read the chip for you, tell you the number, and verify that it is working.